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AV Theatres

Movie ticketing service 

My Role: UI/UX designer and researcher

Project Goal

AV Theatres is a new chain of modern cinemas in metropolitan area, aiming to accelerate growth by enticing customers through special deals and a seamless digital experience. The project's objectives include developing a responsive website and a user-friendly app, both offering unique features, to set AV Theatres apart from competitors.

Pain Points

I conducted interviews with the a group of target customers: families and movie lovers between the ages of 16-55.

Here are some of the pain points that have been identified:

Challenges in organizing team/group orders

1. Time constraints

2. Discrepancy of suitable payment methods


Accessibility and language options

1. Lack of assistive technologies

2. Limited language selection


Website clutter and poor user experience

1. Overloaded with ads

2. Unnecessary, distracting information

Key Challenge

Developing features that simplify the coordination of group orders, such as seat selection and payment splitting.

Initial Design Concepts
  • Minimalistic interface with a focus on content

  • Collaborative group order creation with shareable links

  • Accessibility and inclusivity

  • Minimal advertisements and clutter

homepage av wireframe desktop.png
homepage av wireframe mobile tablet.png
mobile app.jpg
User Testing Results

Here are some insights that were discovered after conducting a usability study with the:

1. Language selection

The language selection drop-down menu was hidden on the user preferences page, and users wanted access to translation on every page of the site.

2. Price categories page

The hierarchy of the elements on this page wasn’t clear to users

3. Group order

a) For group orders with multiple participants, the CTA on the website version rolled under the fold and was not visible.

b) The summary at the end of the split order was missing in mobile app 

Second Iteration of the Usability Study for the Mobile App

After conducting user testing on the first high-fidelity prototype, which was developed based on the pain points identified during our usability test with the low-fidelity prototype, we discovered some issues.


Main Problem

Users found the homepage cluttered, hindering their ability to find key features and navigate effectively.


We improved the hierarchy by highlighting recent movies and streamlined the bottom menu icons with a cleaner style. These changes aimed to enhance usability and engagement by simplifying navigation and presenting information more clearly.

mockup app AV before after.png
Recent version of the App
mobile app av.png
AV hero.png
Responsive Website
homepage av wireframe mobile tablet copy.png
website in devices av.png
What I Learned

From this project, I gleaned that what works well in low-fidelity prototypes may not translate effectively into high-fidelity designs.

Despite successful user testing in the initial stages, transitioning to color and actual images revealed unexpected flaws. The layout appeared cluttered, and the overall user experience suffered. Consequently, was recognized the need for a restructuring of the informational architecture and reimagine the entire layout of majority of the screens of the app to ensure optimal usability and user engagement.

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