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Smart cooling systems and air conditioners

My Role:

Graphic designer, brand strategist

About ColdPro

ColdPro is a company which is dedicated to providing complete air conditioning solutions. The primary focus is on selling, installing, and maintaining smart air conditioning systems, with the ultimate goal of ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency for clients.

Primary Challenges

Simplicity: The design needed to reflect the simplicity of using ColdPro's products, as encapsulated in the slogan "TURN IT ON".

Smart technology: The branding had to convey the high-tech and intelligent nature of ColdPro's air conditioning systems.

Complete service: The design had to represent ColdPro's comprehensive approach, covering everything from sales to installation and maintenance, communicating to customers that all their needs will be taken care of.

User appeal: The branding had to visually appeal to the primary target audience — high-tech companies and businesses that need efficient, smart cooling solutions for their premises. Homeowners, as the secondary audience, should also find the branding relevant and attractive.

Logo Design Concept

Following a thorough analysis of competitors and engaging discussions with the client, I crafted a logo incorporating the capital letters 'C' and 'P' from the company name, which also resembles the familiar 'power on' button. This design choice visually distinguishes ColdPro in the market while emphasizing the ease of use and smart technology that are central to its services.​

B and W.png

The color choices for ColdPro were made with a careful consideration of the brand's identity and message.

Blue, associated with trust and dependability, reflects the reliable nature of the company's services.

Neon turquoise-green, often linked to technological innovation and freshness, underlines the company's commitment to advanced cooling solutions.

Neutral grey with a light shade of blue brings balance to the color scheme, providing a calming, cool backdrop that complements the vibrant hues.

PC colors logo.png

Typeface Proxima Nova was chosen for its modern, clean lines and geometric form, mirroring the precision and technological focus of ColdPro's services. Its straightforward yet stylish aesthetic supports the brand's mission of providing smart air conditioning solutions.

PC typography.png
coldpro branding.png
What I Learned

Through this project, I learned the importance of strategic decision-making in branding, from logo creation to typography and color choices. I recognized how each element must align with the brand's values and messages and convey these effectively to the audience.

This experience underscored the power of effective branding in differentiating a company in a competitive marketplace and how it forms the foundation of a company's relationship with its customers.

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