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Fair Content

Fair Content Media is the platform for independent creators, where they get full control over how they sell their content. Buyers get an add-free, safe platform with music, video, books, and more...

My Role: UI/UX designer and researcher

Project Goal

To create a comprehensive and user-friendly platform "Fair Content Media" that empowers independent creators by allowing them full control over the sale and distribution of their diverse content, while providing buyers with an ad-free, safe, and transparent environment to access and enjoy various forms of media. This platform aims to foster a fair and equitable ecosystem that promotes creativity, innovation, and collaboration, ultimately benefiting creators, buyers, and the broader artistic community.

Target Audience
  • Independent creators of various content types (music, videos, stories, books, poetry, vlogs, articles, graphic art, photography).

  • Buyers and consumers of diverse content, including younger and older individuals, as well as casual and professional creators.

  • Older individuals seeking an accessible and easy-to-use platform to sell, discover, purchase, and enjoy content.

User Research Findings 

After conducting initial research on user experience, with a focus on targeting a diverse audience including older individuals, we have compiled the following findings:

Users need efficient ways to discover content that matches their interests and preferences, through personalized recommendations, curated collections, and advanced search and filter options.

The platform should be designed with accessibility in mind, accommodating users with different abilities and ensuring that older individuals can comfortably navigate and use the platform.

Initial Design Concepts
  • Utilize design elements that evoke nostalgia, such as retro color schemes, typography, and iconography, to create a sense of familiarity and comfort for older users.

  • Design a streamlined interface with clear, large fonts and buttons, ensuring that older users can easily navigate and interact with the platform.

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User Testing Results

Here are some insights that were discovered after conducting a

usability study:

1. Categories with icons

Users need intuitive labeling for each category of content types.

2. "See all" CTA (call to action) placement

The "See all" CTA under the category was placed under the list of each specific content type. Users found this placement not very intuitive, they prefer the placement of this CTA above the content list, on the right side.

3. "Start selling" description

The description of the steps a user has to take to sell their own content is poorly structured and takes up too much space, users would like to see a more compact, shorter and clearer explanation of the selling process.

Responsive Website
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Next Steps

Gather and analyze user feedback to improve the beta version of the platform, correcting usability issues and bugs.

Conduct thorough testing to ensure all fixes have been implemented and the platform functions smoothly.

Begin preparations for the public launch, developing a marketing strategy to raise awareness and attract users to the platform.

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