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Great Start 

Job search service to help
first-generation immigrants

My Role:

UI/UX designer and researcher

Evillia_illustration_for_career_boosting_website 2 1.png
Project Goal

Great Start is a job search service that is specifically designed to assist first-generation immigrants in their job search process. It aims to address the unique challenges faced by immigrants in finding suitable employment opportunities in a new country. 

Research Study Details

I conducted interviews with first-generation immigrants to better understand their job-seeking behavior, needs and preferences. Going into the research, there was an assumption that young adults would be the primary focus.
However, after conducting the interviews, it was discovered that many non-English speaking
older individuals were also seeking employment. 
So I determined that the target audience for the project is recent immigrants between the ages of 21 - 68.

Key Challenges

Language barriers: First-generation immigrants may not be proficient in English, which could make it challenging for them to navigate an app that is only available in English. 

Cultural differences: First-generation immigrants come from diverse cultural backgrounds and may have different expectations when it comes to job search. 

Initial Design Concepts
  • A multilingual interface

  • Simple and intuitive design

  • Job search filters

  • Resume builder

Mockup 02.jpg
User Testing Results

Here are some insights that were discovered after conducting a usability study with the low-fidelity prototype 

1. Language selection

Users need a function that allows selection of a specific level (A0-Native) for each added language

2. CTAs

Users need a clear call to action texts to meet their expectations.

3. Share a job posting

Users need a “share” button for each individual job posting.

Responsive Website
GS website tablet.png
Mobile App
Mockup 04.jpg

Here is the link to high fidelity prototype   that shows the main user flow.

Design Atoms
fonts GS.png
coors GS.png
logo gs.png
What I Learned

The results of user research surprised me and convinced me that inviting a diverse audience for interviews is the best way to identify the target users, to be inclusive in the design, and to meet user’s needs.

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