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Pregnancy monitoring app

My Role:

UI/UX designer

(collaboration with HeraMED and Telepatix)

HeraCARE App
Transforming Maternity Care with Innovative Features:

Remote Heartbeat Monitoring

Connects to a specialized device for remote fetal heartbeat monitoring

(FDA cleared HeraBEAT fetal doppler).

Task Management

Simplifies daily routines with clear tasks and recommendations.


Tailors the pregnancy journey to individual needs and preferences.

Educational Content

Offers evidence-based information from trusted sources like The Mayo Clinic.

Expert Assistance

Enables direct communication with medical specialists for guidance and support.

Initial Design Concepts


Prioritized a simple and user-friendly interface.

Task Visibility

Displayed upcoming tasks prominently on the home screen.

Calming and Feminine

Infused a calming and feminine visual style.

Medical Aesthetic

Incorporated a sterile medical aesthetic for reliability.

initial design concepts.png
User Research 

Following initial research involving a competitive analysis, we prepared three color versions of the app to test and discuss with our target users.

These design versions were tested with a group of 20 pregnant women.

color versions.png
User Research Findings 

Based on interviews feedback, the preferred UI design featured a lilac color scheme.

Pain Point 1

Users faced limitations in accessing expert assistance when needed.

The absence of an emergency call option and video call option in chat feature left them feeling isolated and without immediate guidance during critical moments.


Pain Point 2

Users found the daily routine tasks to be tedious and lacking in engagement or interest. Users needed more engaging and rewarding activities to maintain their interest and commitment.

The Solution

Based on user feedback the updated version of the app incorporates some improvements:

  • Telehealth - expert assistance feature through video calls or chats

  • Gamification to maintain engagement and motivation in daily monitoring tasks.

  • Variety of the pregnancy progress circle previews.

  • Simplified "Recent Measurements" layout on the home screen.

mockup HeraCARE.png


pages preview 2.png
before after.png
Highly appreciated feature
mood img v2.png
What I Learned

Engaged in the realm of UI/UX design, I delved into user needs through research and testing. Crafting interfaces with care, I learned to balance aesthetics and functionality, striving to create experiences that truly connect with the target audience.

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