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Ed-tech platform blending origami with geometry for enriched learning

My Role: UI/UX designer

About Origametria

Origametria is an ed-tech platform designed to revolutionize geometry education by integrating it with the art of origami. Through interactive animations and an intuitive platform, it enables teachers to facilitate hands-on, research-based learning experiences, significantly enhancing student engagement.

The platform supports a comprehensive geometry curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 7, offering a unique approach that is proven to be beneficial for all students, including those with learning difficulties.

  • Design an intuitive and engaging user interface that enhances the learning experience for students and aids instruction for teachers.

  • Create a user-friendly navigation system that simplifies the selection of lessons by grade and topic.

  • Incorporate functionality for tracking and visualizing student progress and performance statistics, aiding teachers in understanding student learning patterns.

  • Develop a visually appealing and effective interface for the video lessons, aligning with the overall aesthetic of the platform.

  • Establish a design system that serves as a foundation for project programmers and the founder to create additional pages in the future.

Target audience

The primary target audience for Origametria includes educators teaching geometry from Kindergarten to Grade 7, and their students.

Secondary audience is agents responsible for distributing subscriptions to schools globally.

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Design Scope

Device focus

The UI/UX design was specifically optimized for PC and Laptop use, considering a screen size width of 1440 px, which aligns with the predominant hardware usage in classroom settings.

User centricity

With teachers as the main target audience, the design strategy prioritized minimalism and ease-of-use. Decorative elements were restrained to avoid distractions and maintain user focus.

Origami-inspired aesthetics

The design mainly incorporated geometric elements with non-rounded corners, capturing the precision of origami folds, while striking a balance between the playful spirit of origami-based learning and the academic seriousness of geometry education..

What I Learned

Through this project, I learned the importance of strategic decision-making in branding, from logo creation to typography and color choices. I recognized how each element must align with the brand's values and messages and convey these effectively to the audience.

This experience underscored the power of effective branding in differentiating a company in a competitive marketplace and how it forms the foundation of a company's relationship with its customers.

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